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General Info


Moneta International is committed to complete adherence to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and to full transparency before financial and legal authorities, investors, and our clients. We believe that the best way to serve you, our clients, is by absolute openness in our operations and that transparency fosters better, stronger, and more lasting business relationships.


Safe, ethical, and law-abiding business practices make for better business. This is why Moneta International is unwavering in our commitment to follow the strictest Anti-Money-Laundering procedures, as well as maintaining robust and resilient security practices, procedures, and technologies. This is our pledge to you: security and safety above all.

Corporate Services

Moneta International offers a range of corporate services to best suit your business needs. Our fully scalable platform can be deployed in enterprises small and large, while our dedicated team is always available to help create a solution that is right for you. Contact us to find out about our attractive packages of ancillary services and how they can be adapted to your needs.